Fitlights can be arranged in virtually any configuration

Fitlights can be arranged in virtually any configuration


FItlights are LED discs connected via bluetooth, designed for physically training reaction, speed, agility, and decision making skills.  Originally designed by a Danish handball player, the sporting, fitness & cognitive applications for FitLights are virtually unlimited. Their effective application can run the gambit from professional athletic training to brain injury rehabilitation; they are completely appropriate for all ages, training histories, and cognitive capabilities. 


The thing most often missing from conventional training drills is the visual and decision-making component.  Each time you train with the FitLights, regardless of the training goal, you MUST see, recognize, and make a decision rather than simply completing the drill sequence as instructed.  Not only is this more intrinsically motivating, it's FUN!



We can create a drill or exercise for virtually any physical movement skill you want to improve.  With FitLights, you can seamlessly incorporate the equipment and environment of your sport or activity without sacrificing efficacy for specificity.  


Using the FItLight Dashboard , we can record and compare reaction and speed times individually, then compare to previous performance or to the training group as a whole.  This information is used to constantly tweak the drills to push for more progress.


Everything at BioFIt Philly is mobile and always will be.  We're ready to come to you! If you have a team, a group, a space, a court, a field, you name it - we will set up a custom training scenario that specifically addresses what's  important to you.