Coaching from a Proven Winner

    Katey was featured on the cover of people                                           magazine

    Katey was featured on the cover of people                                           magazine



Katey is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, working one-on-one with clients endeavoring to chart their own unique path to peak personal wellness.

After a feature on the cover of People Magazine, Katey chose to dedicate her professional life to helping clients to attain their own weight control goals.

Rejecting a One-Size-Fits-All approach, Katey only coaches clients one individual at a time. This practice was developed based upon her own successful lifestyle change.

After decades of trying and failing to attain a healthy and strong lifestyle, Katey learned that any "diet" mandated by algorithm-based programing will only last as long as one is willing to commit to self-denial. Such programming rarely lasts. It never worked for her!

Katey ask clients to commit plans that don't feel like "me against me."  Clients are asked to make personally organic choices that taste good, feel good, and will thus be comfortably - even joyfully! - sustainable in the long run.

In goal coaching sessions, clients are asked to make minor changes to preexisting lifestyle rhythms one week at a time.

For example, a client may be asked to commit to a week without refined sugars. At the end of that week, client response will guide the week to follow. If a sugar-detox causes resentment of daily choices, that detox will be undone! Step by step, Katey will find the path onto YOUR sustainable long term path.

After losing 100 lbs and keeping it off for 4 years, Katey knows ALL of the potholes along the road to Healthy & Strong.

Taking pride in providing a judgement-free zone, Katey allows and encourages clients to admit to binges, moments of weakness, frustrations over past or current plans, etc. She does not judge, because she has been there.

Roadblocks once perceived as "failures" can be gifts in disguise - these "failures" are lessons that will be invaluable tools in developing sustainable positive changes!

Katey offers oversight of food logs, discussion of the emotional landmines leading to unhealthy choices, and strategies for healthier choices going forward. 

Katey also offers grocery store tours. For the price of two goal coaching sessions, Katey will meet you at the grocery store of your choice and guide you through your multitude of options. Together you'll stock a refrigerator and pantry to keep you on track. Tours include discussion of food prep, seasonings, and options to replace unhealthy weaknesses.

There are no weight management goals Katey can't relate to!

Skype coaching available for distance clients.

Please Email to schedule.